OKC Energy FC

The Energy FC Logo

The OKC Energy FC logo is central to our club identity. It appears on the clothes we wear, the flags we wave and the stadium we call home. Oklahoma’s state flag inspired the design; the state colors dictated our colors; the composition captures the vibrancy and energy of the people; and the motto “Labor Omnia Vincit”—Labor Conquers All—underscores everything we do.

Oklahoma flag

  • Indian battle shield
    Symbol of defense and battle
  • Eagle feathers
    High achievement and power
  • Peace pipe and an olive branch
    Symbols of peace between European
    and Native American cultures
  • Crosses
    Symbolize the stars, and higher purposes


  • Many football club logos are contained within a shield.
  • Because the symbolism is from the state flag, we can indicate Oklahoma City, the capital of our state, with a star.
  • Stars are also represented on the flag’s shield.
  • The star creates an abstract soccer ball in the white space
  • The upward moving lines behind the ball represents energy.
  • The star symbolizes the spark that initiates energy.
  • Oklahoma’s state colors are green and white.

Home & Away Kits

The home and away kits are designed to reflect the core components of the logo. The primary kit uses Energy FC’s signature green and white colors, based on the state’s official palette, while the away kits use the secondary deep blue. The upward-moving lines from the logo add a subtle, distinct pattern to each jersey.