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November 14, 2013

There is a new professional sport in Oklahoma City: Soccer. In 2014 Prodigal’s Oklahoma City Energy FC will begin its inaugural season, marking the first time the city has had a legitimate professional outdoor soccer team.

After great deliberation, Prodigal landed on the name “Energy.” Inspired by the industry that has become synonymous with Oklahoma, “Energy” also makes a bold statement about the city the team represents and the people who are proud to live and work here. Oklahoma City Energy FC is a metaphor for the great momentum present in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma state flag and the state color, green, make up the foundation of the team logo. The logo features an exploding star, symbolizing the spark that initiates energy. The star also forms an abstract soccer ball with upward moving lines to create a sense of positive movement.

“At every step of the process, whether deciding on a name or choosing a logo, our top priority was to accurately and positively represent Oklahoma on a national stage. We are proud of the uniquely Oklahoma brand we have built for the club,” said Darren Ransley, a representative of the team.